Data Science & AI

AI Powered Decision Making

The Client

Border Force secure and protect the UK Border whilst enabling the rapid flow of people and goods at over 270 recognised crossing points and many other smaller entry points such as marinas and small airstrips. Identifying and stopping imposters from entering the country using fraudulent identity documents is paramount.

The Vision

An intuitive and easy to manage imposter detection tool that supports Border Officers by providing data driven decision-making capabilities.

The Challenge

  • Border processes involved significant amounts of time spent on verifying passenger biometrics and identities rather than focusing on behaviours and suspicious activity.
  • The supporting and maintaining of data proved to be labour, time and cost intensive.
  • Complex existing identity verification tools with low Border Force Officer uptake.
  • Existing tools were large and cumbersome, taking up valuable workspace.

The Solution

  • Adoption of a lean agile approach with rapid iterations to meet tight project deadlines driven by government legislation.
  • A user-centred design to identify key information needed by Border Force Officers to make informed decisions.
  • Innovative use of Mobile Device Management technologies to enable seamless and wireless updates across all border points.
  • Implementation of advanced A.I. tools to allow intelligent and fast biometric matching.
  • A lightweight portable device with ability to operate both online and without internet.

The Benefits

Real-time, informed decision-making enabled by A.I-powered biometric verification.

An intuitive interface, meaning no additional training was required for Border Force Officers.

Automation of data provided Border Force Officers with more time to identify vulnerable travellers and focus on other criminality at the border.

Centralised management allowed for remote updates as well as providing monitoring and Management Information.

Awarded Best Project Team at the UK IT Industry Awards.