Making Data Sustainable

A digital and data consultancy that actively makes the UK a safer place

In a world where Data and AI is everywhere, Viable Data supports you in achieving your most valuable outcomes with your most important asset: your data.

We specialise in designing, building and iterating scalable and sustainable products and platforms; and are proud to play an integral part in making the UK a safer, fairer and more prosperous country.

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Biometrics and Security Controls

Our Biometric and Security Control solutions use AI and advanced biometrics to rapidly identify people of interest, helping you safeguard against security risks and fraudulent activities.

Intelligence Systems

We help create scalable Intelligence Systems that connect siloed data efficiently and securely; providing you with real-time insights into your operations and enabling you to make rapid and informed decisions.

Data and AI Solutions

Our Data and AI Solutions augment the way you work by introducing tools that streamline processes and automate data management, enabling you to focus on operations and goals that add the most value in the shortest amount of time.

Our thought provoking presentations

Jen Wallace

Sustainable Software Development

Discover how our Sustainable Software Development principles, emphasising the incorporation of energy-efficient, low-code solutions, and the significance of scalable technology, drive superior results for our clients.


Tom Crew

Biometrics, Security Controls and AI

Find out how we used our biometrics solution LearnID® in collaboration with Border Force to take the next step towards a seamless border. 


James Sanders

Product Centricity

Discover how product centricity is shaping business strategies, driving innovation, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ultimately leading to organisational success.

Christina Emmanouil

Applying User-Centred Design in a Data-Focussed Product

Discover how incorporating user-centric design principles into the development of data-focused products can optimise your data utilisation, leading to increased product success and heightened user satisfaction.


Julian Doyle

The Benefits of DevOps in Government

Uncover the transformative power of incorporating DevOps practices within government to boost efficiency, foster collaboration, and drive innovation.


Jocelyn Onyeka

Agile Project Delivery

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation on Agile Project Delivery aligned with the DDaT strategy. Delve into the pitfalls of improper implementation and analyse the differences between fixed price and Time and Material (T&M) approaches.

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